Ebooks are electronic books.

Some of the advantages of ebooks for differentiating instruction are:
  • Like other mobile technologies, they are easy to integrate, provide learners choices, offer options for private viewing, and are motivating.
  • They have flexible content presentation with many display options.
  • They provide the ability to interact with text through hyperlinks, highlighting, adding notes and drawings, and interactive activities. This can provide the opportunity to branch content and offer scaffolding, remediation, or enrichment to differentiate instruction.
  • They include dictionary support.
  • Some include text-to-speech. (Currently, this is limited to desktop and laptop computers.)
  • Some include foreign language support.


  • If you have a Mac laptop
    • Install eReader to your laptop
    • Choose a free eReader ebook to install
    • Explore features such as adding notes
    • BONUS: Go to Manybooks.net and download more ebooks (Get ones in eReader or Doc format)
      • See what ebooks your local library web site has
      • Create your own ebooks for eReader using DropBook (free) or eBook Studio (not free, but easier to use)


To learn more about ebooks, visit this site.
To get more free kids ebooks, see our curriculum page.
There are many more free ebooks at Memoware.
There are some great commercial (not free) ebooks at Fictionwise.
Don't forget to check your public library to see what ebooks they have.