Podcasts are multimedia files distributed via the Internet that can be subscribed to so that the content is automatically delivered to you.

Some of the advantages of podcasting for differentiating instruction are:
  • Like other mobile technologies, they are easy to integrate, provide learners choices, offer options for private viewing, and are motivating.
  • Almost all podcasts are free.
  • There are many, many educationally appropriate podcasts for all topics and all ages.
  • Students creating their own podcasts is a great way to publish for an authentic audience and offers another option for student projects.

  • We are going to use iTunes for this. You can use iTunes to download podcasts no matter what kind of mobile device you use.
  • For EVERYONE, we are going to configure iTunes to import files in an MP3 format. This will maximize compatibility across the most devices and platforms. (I recommend you do this on all computers you use iTunes on.) To do this:
    • Go into iTunes.
    • Under the Edit menu, choose Preferences.
    • Click the Advanced tab.
    • Click the Importing tab.
    • Under Import Using, select MP3 encoder.
  • If you haven't subscribed to podcasts before, here is a short guide on using iTunes and subscribing to podcasts.
  • For all mobile devices, transferring podcasts to your device is the same process that we used for audio books. (They are all MP3 files.)
  • Let's explore podcasts and see what is out there. Post your best finds here.
    • Find a podcast of a book talk.
    • Find a podcast about science.
    • Find a podcast about history.
    • Find a podcast related to math.
    • Find a student-produced podcast.
  • You can find podcasts simply by googling podcast + the topic of your choice. You can also look in iTunes or in podcast directories. (See below.)
  • How could you use a podcast to differentiate instruction in your educational setting?


Visit Karen's Mashups. This is my podcast. Each show covers a specific topic and highlights a few of the best podcasts on that topic.
Go to the iTunes store (in iTunes) and look for a topic of your choice.
Here are some podcast directories:
For an easy way to try out podcasting with your students, look at the Our City podcast.
Learn more about podcasting here.